The Atuni Mission

The mission of the Atuni Group is to nurture the personal and professional growth of micro business owners, solo entrepreneurs and more specifically…enterprising women, creating a culture where entrepreneurs can become competent, confident and connected.

We will strive to accomplish our mission through education, coaching, consulting and networking opportunities with the end result being:

  • Clients inspired to become the very best they can be in their business, workplace, home and community.

  • Clients inspired to launch new business ventures, thereby contributing to the local entrepreneurial ‘shecosystem.’

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Entrepreneur Workshops and Events

1:1 Coaching/Consulting with Michelle

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Meet Michelle

Nice to meet you! A modern-day Renaissance woman, I am driven by my passion to be a person of influence, empowering and inspiring others to leverage their God-given strengths that will lead them to fulfilling their dreams!

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